Factory Wireless Networks

Regardless of the size of your factory, we can accurately plan, install, configure and test a factory wirelessnetwork to ensure your employees have immediate Wi-Fi access with no signal drop outs or delays.

Factories and manufacturing environments are driving towards leaner more efficient environments in the current challenging economic times. The supply chain requires accurate real time information which supports business critical information. The introduction of ERP and planning solutions through production environments is driving the need for factory wireless. Using scanning and reader devices to transfer product and quantity information across a secure wireless network to Sales order processing and stock control systems is dramatically increasing efficiency, improving accuracy and speeding up the supply chain process.

There are many challenges to installing wireless in these environments and achieving 100% coverage to support modern factory and manufacturing appliances. The process requires experience, technical understanding and the foresight to be able to scale the solution for maximum ROI.

SGI our proven approach, we have delivered a number of cost effective, secure wireless solutions into manufacturing environments see below the key benefits that we learned over the last 30 years.

Key Benefits

Clear Coverage Plans - Heat maps of planned coverage generated prior to the install to simplify the solution and keep hardware costs to a minimum.

Mesh Technology - Utilized to help reduce physical cabling costs and constraints where possible.

Resilient Failover Design - Ensuring the wireless will operate at all times based on the criticality of the solution.

Affordable On/Off Site Support - Available as service level agreements operated through the SGI support desk and carried out by our highlight experienced and qualified IT technical specialist.

By following our proven approach, we are confident in delivering the perfect wireless solutions for your manufacturing environment. So much so, we offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee that the solution will meet your expectations laid out in the consultation.

With flexibility in procurement on a rental or capital basis, our solutions can be supported through standard break fix support or fully managed solutions delivering you a wireless solution without the hassle of managing it at a fixed monthly costs.