Restaurants Wireless Network

SGI has been installing reliable public WiFi in fortune 500 Restaurants over 20 years and we can help you attract new customers, increase existing customer satisfaction and help you build a loyal following for your restaurant.

SGI has a great deal of knowledge and experience installing and managing restaurant WiFi in establishments located throughout the world, helping to ensure that you enjoy a solution that works and one that allows you as a business to benefit.

Benefits to offering WiFi at your Restaurant

  • Cut cost on training and travel to train employees.
  • More and more people demand to be online 24x7. By offering WiFi at your restaurant, you can help drive valuable footfall to your business.
  • In addition to attracting new customers, by offering WiFi, you can more easily retain your existing customers and potentially increase their time spend with you.
  • You can gain valuable insight into your customers, finding out important information such as how often they visit your restaurant and their usage patterns. Additionally, you can collect email addresses for your regular email marketing activities.
  • You can benefit from your customer's social media activities, such as location and activity alerts, status, photography etc. That, in turn, helps drive awareness of your restaurant and your service offering.
  • By logging in to your WiFi, your customers have a chance to better engage with your brand and you get the chance to impress, building on your other services to deliver an overarching fantastic customer experience.
  • You may also wish to use your restaurant WiFi as a revenue stream of its own, offering chosen partners a chance to get their brands in front of your customers at key times

Restaurant Point of Sale (POS)

The selection of a suitable restaurant POS system is a complex process, especially as having the right system and supporting infrastructure in place is so critical to your successful daily operations.

Restaurant PCI DSS Compliance with WIFI

With most people now choosing to pay for their meals by card, SGI understands how vital PCI DSS compliance is for your restaurant business.

SGI provides proven and reliable IT Services to restaurants and restaurant groups throughout the world. Our skilled and accredited IT engineers will help you unlock your PCI DSS Compliance with the least amount of disruption to your business, ensuring that you can continue trading with confidence knowing that you are doing your utmost to protect your customer's personal data.