Network Security

SmartGrid customizable managed security solutions meet or exceed industry best practices for logical and Network security. Comprehensive security services include firewall management with rule-set review, Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS), multi-factor authentication VPN services, intrusion detection services, event management, internal and external vulnerability assessment, system integrity monitoring, secure configuration assessment, patch management, transparent database encryption, and PCI DSS compliance services. Compliance is a vital requirement to all businesses in the healthcare industry, financial markets, life sciences, and government. SmartGrid works with clients to ensure a complete understanding and full implementation of compliance.

Our Smartview vulnerability Assessment service can provide a clear snapshot of your current status of your security and identifies any major issues. Less in depth than a manual penetration test and conducted using approved scanning software, a vulnerability assessment will test a cross section of your IT infrastructure.


Vulnerability assessments can indicate whether you require a further evaluation of your security mechanisms. Alternatively, they may be implemented as part of an ongoing security contract where we will alternate vulnerability scanning and penetration testing procedures to ensure that your systems are secure against sophisticated attacks as they emerge.

  • Web Application Penetration Testing
  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Cloud Penetration Testing
  • Database Penetration Testing
  • VOIP Penetration Testing

PCI DSS Compliance

The aim of the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is to prevent any information that could be used to make a counterfeit card, or a fraudulent online transaction, from falling into the wrong hands. This includes the card number, the expiry date and three digit CVV number.

As a merchant, in order to accept payment card transactions, you will have agreed to abide by the operating regulations of your acquiring bank, which include:

How to carry out transactions properly.

  • Which security measures must be in place
  • How cardholder data can be processed, transmitted or stored

The major financial institutions have been enforcing PCI DSS since 2007 and have imposed fines on companies that have been found to be in breach of the rules. If a business is set up to take credit cards by any mechanism – then it needs to be compliant. The deadlines for merchants to be PCI compliant have passed. This means that if you are a merchant, you are responsible for ensuring your business is compliant rather than waiting for the bank to notify you.


Using our expertise and our relationships with PCI consultants and auditors, SGI can help you to take control of your PCI DSS compliance with a straightforward three-step framework based on security, compliance and certification. By guiding you through this framework, we will ensure that you not only have the technology foundation in place to meet with PCI DSS, but also that information security within your operation extends beyond technology to encompass your people, culture, processes and physical environment so as to keep it resilient –even in the event of a breach.

SGI we recognize the benefit and competitive advantage gained through attaining internationally recognized standards. Several standards incorporate information security which translates directly into cyber security.

We are unique in the ability to work with businesses to take them through our three-step process - Secure, Comply, Certify, utilizing strong relationships we have with consultants, auditors and certification bodies.

SGI is in forefront of the race to make cyberspace a safer place for organizations through the providing of dynamic services that respond to the risks and threats posed in an ever evolving digital world.