Retail Wireless Network

Retail Wi-Fi

SGI 30 years of experience we have learn retailers today need every competitive advantage available. In-store WiFi providing customer analytics, location based services, and social WiFi marketing are the keys to engaging customers while they're in your store and ready to convert.

Benefits Wi-Fi:

  • Capture Demographics & Target Customers
  • Convert Browsers into Buyers
  • Detect In-Store positions
  • Create a Multi-Channel Brand Experience
  • Send targeted promotions
  • Enhance Location-Based Offerings
  • Assist Shoppers with Navigation
  • Improve Inventory Management
  • Enhance Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Detect footfall and trends

SGI arms retailers with powerful new capabilities to better understand customers' behavior. Retailers want to gather the same data that online retailers gather, at their brick-and-mortar shops. In-shop analytics enables brick-and-mortar shops to gather the same in-sights, including; window conversion rates, average engaged customer time, repeat visits

Benefits of Engagement of Customers

  • Increase loyalty of existing customers, reduce cost of acquiring new customers, and extend the relationship with current customers
  • Provide a more attractive relationship with new customers by providing them with a personalized experience not available through competitors
  • Increase point-of-sale opportunities by providing key information at critical decision points in the purchase process
  • Reduce potential for show rooming by co-opting perceived online pricing advantage while the customer is within a location
  • Increase customer satisfaction by helping them make a decision more aligned with their needs
  • SGI understand how customers an actually behave while instore, Wi-Fi location services helps maximization and use of any floor plan. With this improved insight, by Analytics
  • Determine the most trafficked location to position or price products or services
  • Adjust venue layout to optimize traffic flow in periods of high use
  • Adjust venue layout to place goods or services along most used pathways
  • Staff service locations to accommodate customer flows and time of day
  • Evaluate impact of floor plan adjustments