Stadiums Wireless Network

SGI has been a big player in Stadium WIFI in the US now we sharing the concept overseas

The offer of 'free Wi-Fi' is something we're all accustomed to. What was once a luxury, we have now even come to expect - free access to the internet in many of the locations we visit every day. It's available in pubs, coffee shops and on public transport all around the country. Yet the concept of the 'connected stadium' is not one many are familiar with.

Already becoming an established idea in the US. a 'connected stadium' is one offering free Wi-Fi to the large number of people inside. By enhancing its coverage and capacity it's possible to supply a free Wi-Fi network to many thousands of people, allowing them to use their mobile devices or tablets without any disruption to their internet connectivity.

Previously the high density of people in such an enclosed space, coupled with the steel and concrete construction of a modern stadium, has made it difficult for those inside to connect to the internet over 3G and 4G mobile networks. This has led to advancements in wireless internet technology and its implementation in large venues, meaning the idea of a 'connected stadium' is now a reality.

SGI understands the Social Media demand:

With fans tweeting, posting to Facebook and uploading photos to Instagram in their thousands, having a connected stadium can in turn lead to a great deal of free publicity. Clubs are able to maximize this potential further by running competitions, offering discounts and otherwise engaging directly with those in the stadium, increasing their level of visibility on social media.

Another potential future benefit for clubs with a 'connected stadium' is the ability to capture data through their own network. Anonymous data relating to app usage, social media engagement and time of use could be analyzed and used to better direct future promotions, advertising and social media campaigns. NFL teams are already beginning to look at such data and the potential it holds adds extra value to the cost of installing and maintaining stadium Wi-Fi systems.

SGI Smart Stadium benefits:

  • Benefits for fans: Fans now have reliable access to an increased array of data applications that work well over a high-capacity wireless network. In addition, due to the data offload, voice and text services are improved.
  • Benefits for the team and league: With the improved coverage and capacity, clubs and leagues have expanded options for creating more engaging mobile applications to enhance the fan experience. Clubs and leagues can provide access too exclusive, in-venue, experience-enhancing applications for way-finding, food and beverage purchase, and more.
  • Benefits for service providers: Because the 3rd Generation/4th Generation (3G/4G) network is no longer burdened with bandwidth-hungry data applications, voice calls and texting work again, eliminating the customer complaints often heard by service providers regarding the use of cell phones in this type of demanding environment.
  • Benefits for sponsors: Previously, because of bandwidth challenges, it has often been difficult to deliver effective advertisements on smartphones in the venue. However, with the SmartGrid Connected Stadium Wi-Fi solution, sponsors and advertisers can extend their reach beyond the big screen and the displays in the concourses. No longer will smartphones freeze after only half of the advertisement image is downloaded. The foundation of the SmartGrid Connected Stadium Wi-Fi solution is SGI Connected Stadium, a single connectivity platform for sports and entertainment venues that enables innovative engagement models and enhanced fan experiences, as well as new revenue growth opportunities.