Office Wireless Network

SGI We can tailor an office wireless network based on the number of users, types of devices and size of buildings to ensure the most cost effective wireless solution for your office.

SmartGrid Integrations can provide you with a well-planned and scalable office wireless network which gives you, your employees and their devices always-on access that's flexible, inexpensive and easy to maintain.

Regardless of the size of the Wi-Fi network, we accurately plan, configure and test the usability of the service to ensure your employees have immediate access with no signal drop outs or delays. 100% coverage - 100% of the time.

The office wireless solution we recommend will depend on the size of your building, number of floors, number of users and number of devices to be connected. We can provide solutions for

Office Wireless Security

The security of an office Wi-Fi network is always a major concern. As part of our wireless solutions the SGI engineers will configure your system to work with Radius 802.1X controls and any appropriate data base such as Active Directory to ensure that only known and authorized PCs and users can access company data. In addition, we can offer separate yet controlled access for personal equipment such as smartphones and iPads (BYOD) if required.

Upgrade existing Wi-Fi

The possibility of upgrading your current Wi-Fi network will depend on what you have in place, what it was originally designed for and where you need to get to. Typically, networks over 2 years old running on A B or G channels will provide a less than adequate speed for the modern office. The introduction of recent N technologies has seen the wireless performance significantly increased. Based on your current requirements, we can upgrade your entire network to N or co-inhabit with A B and G. We can also provide RF management tools to allow you to manage a mixed environment to allocate performance to those who need it most.

New Wireless Network

Not all wireless networks suit all applications and meet user expectations. Therefore, in many cases it can be more cost effective to start again. In this instance, SGI can offer trade in deals to help lower the cost of your new install to provide a new, well planned wireless network that will meet the demands of today and the technologies of tomorrow. Regardless of the size and cost of the office wireless network you require we have a commitment to you, and ourselves to do things right. We have engineered a process which allows us to provide you with exactly what you want, with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.