Warehouse Network

Wireless warehousing solutions deployed by the experts

SGI experience of delivering warehouse wireless networks and associated applications has allowed us to develop a process that will guarantee we meet your expectations and your budget requirements. Following our proven approach, we have delivered a number of cost effective, secure wireless solutions for both internal and external warehouse environments.

Following a number of recent installations and upgrades, we are seeing two distinct groups of requirements within the warehouse environment. However, both are driving the key business messages of improving efficiency and accuracy of the business process and the flow of product through the supply chain

During the execution of flawless wireless designs we have developed our own unique four step wireless installation process to guarantee 100% coverage within your network. "Survey, Design, Implement, Survey". This ensures your new wireless network outperforms your every expectation and future proofs your investment with coverage throughout.

A poor network installation can mean it doesn't meet your requirements when it goes live, therefore it would cause additional work to rectify, possibly adding to the cost.

Why Warehouse Wireless

Today's warehouse managers are investing in cost-effective processes and technologies that improve running of their business processes and accuracy as well as attract and retain customers.

Mobility in the warehouse can dramatically improve productivity, resource utilization and inventory management. Providing "anytime, anywhere" flexibility to workers that can replace paper-based reporting and inventory systems with real-time order fulfillment on handheld devices.

With the warehouse unified by a single wireless network, worker and manager productivity gains from the assurance of accurate, timely updates received for every order picked from the shelves.

This level of visibility also improves resource utilization through just-in-time (JIT) inventory levels that allow you to stock products based on demand. Reduced inventory lowers capital expenditures and staffing costs, while allowing you to provide better service to customers with fewer out-of-stocks. Production lines can also be more rapidly replenished to avoid costly manufacturing delays.

New Wi-Fi enabled handheld devices by manufacturers such as Honeywell Systems pose serious challenges to large warehouse environments. Unlike laptops, the orientation of mobile devices constantly changes making it harder for Wi-Fi systems to deliver a rock solid signal.

Key benefits

Clear Coverage Plans - Heat maps of planned coverage generated prior to the install to simplify the solution and keep hardware costs to a minimum.

Mesh Technology - Utilized to help reduce physical cabling costs and constraints where possible.

Resilient Failover Design - Ensuring the wireless will operate at all times based on the criticality of the solution.

Affordable On/Off Site Support - Available as service level agreements operated through the SGI support desk and carried out by our highlight experienced and qualified IT technical specialist.

Connecting Multiple building to your ware house- High bandwidth, High availability, Fast Roll out