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GSC is now SGI

Global Solutions Company (GSC) Rebrands as SmartGrid Integrations INC.

Atlanta, GA. - Feb. 1, 2016 - After completing an extensive rebranding program, Global Solutions Company Inc., with offices in Georgia, Ohio, Florida, Canada and the Philippines, is now doing business as SmartGrid Integrations Inc. The rebranding program involved a new name, a new logo, the creation of a tagline and a new website at sgisystemsinc.com.

SmartGrid Integrations, a technology company focused on enterprise IT deployments for the retail industry, provides international IT advisory, project and onsite technical services to US based retailers and IT service providers who require global IT coverage.

With a focus on high quality and scalable project services, SmartGrid Integrations has developed a model that is disrupting the global IT services industry. The model is based on a local partner network in 58 countries, an industry leading project management practice and a robust toolset that provides clients immediate access to project status and deliverables.

SmartGrid Integrations' domestic & international value proposition includes the ability to procure IT hardware locally and invoice in the local currency, provide bilingual language support and ensure the best possible onsite service. SmartGrid Integrations chose, a brand + digital marketing agency based in Atlanta, Georgia, for the rebranding project.

SmartGrid Integrations' President, Lynn Shaneyfelt says: "SmartGrid Integrations' growth over the past two years has been phenomenal because our existing clients know we will do a great job for them. However, we have also realized that our previous name and brand did not adequately reflect our true capabilities. Denise Moye, did an excellent job of leading us through the Rebranding Process to help us develop a name and brand that will better position our global capabilities. Ultimately, we feel like a stronger company with a new name, tagline, logo and website, and we expect that the marketing will drive significant growth due to new clients discovering our capabilities through inbound marketing."

SmartGrid Integrations works with the full spectrum of projects: new store openings, remodels, kiosks, digital signage, IP cameras, router replacements, POS, payment device and any of the evolving technologies that retailers can deploy across an entire store footprint. SmartGrid Integrations' capabilities include retail technology consulting, onsite deployments, project management, IT service management implementation, onsite break/fix maintenance and 24/7 support services.


SmartGrid Integrations manages IT projects for large, multi-site retailers, and creates business process solutions for companies with an operational challenge or need to innovate a new process. SmartGrid Integrations places a special focus on project management. The project management team has many years of experience successfully completing large scale, retail IT projects on time and with the highest quality. SmartGrid Integrations' processes and tools are built around ITIL standards. The model leverages a fully integrated platform to allow transparency in communication, a strong governance model and a constant feedback loop to ensure adjustments are immediate. SmartGrid Integrationsglobal.com